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Suite Margarita Bonita starts its European comercial expansion in France

Margarita Bonita, the company specialized in suites for romantic getaways, will take part in the fair Equip’Hotel in Paris, a reference in the hotel business 

 Margarita Bonita, the company specialized in suites for romantic getaways, participates in the Equip’Hotel Fair, which will take place in Paris from the 11th to the 15th November. The company will exhibit two versions of the Suite Margarita Bonita with the design studio SerranoBrothers as art directors.

After the large influx of visitors and the positive results obtained in the fair Hostelco of Barcelona, Margarita Bonita team will install in Paris two suites with very different styles: a more conventional one and other much more surprising. The intention is to demonstrate the capacity of the project to adapt to different needs of interior design and decoration.  

Suite Margarita Bonita is a room for top category Hotels specially created to offer to the clients an exclusive, sophisticated and surprising experience, that goes further than rose petals and the champagne bottle in the room.

Suite Margarita Bonita is based on an innovative concept: a room with a romantic atmosphere and furniture unique in the world, specially designed for couples. With this suite the hotels are allowed to innovate its offers with an original service, without resigning its values and identity; to increase the profitability of the room for its added value; to get new market shares and build the loyalty of growing publics which look for unique and romantic getaways.

 Suite Margarita Bonita

 La Suite Margarita Bonita is an exceptional room with a very special furniture:

 The Movement Bed is a furniture created by Margarita Bonita and patented in Spain for its international commercialization. It is the first bed of the world thought, besides to sleep, to maintain intimate relations. At a first sight, is a conventional bed, but in its interior hides a sophisticated engine capable of reproducing the corporal pace in the intimate relations. It has three types of movements and several intensities graduated by a comfortable and simple remote control.

 The Neotantra Sofa is an elegant furniture that combines the sophistication and the ergonomics and offers a simply exceptional experience. Beyond its nice design, the secret of the Neotantra Sofa resides in its ergonomic curves adapted to the contour of the couple’s bodies.

The lighting and the sound are key pieces in Suite Margarita Bonita. Thanks a remote control, the users choose the music level and the light colours that invade all the room, from the bed to the curtains made with optic fibre and the lamps.

The amenities also build this scenario with the Welcome Erotic Pack, which contains different elements to stimulate couple’s imagination, and with the Love Pillows, specially designed to make more comfortable the intimate relations.

The Hotel Llegendes of Girona Catedral**** has a Suite Margarita Bonita. A five stars hotel and a four stars hotel will incorporate this room before finishing 2012 and it is foreseen that at the beginning of 2013, ten more establishments will join the Romantic Route of Suite Margarita Bonita.

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