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Making love is the favorite activity of Spaniards when staying in a hotel room

In summer the hotels are usually filled. Hotels on the beach, in the city, in the mountains. Everybody. Whether it is a simple pension or a luxurious palace with its bathrobes and slippers of sweet cotton and its ammenities, those products of beauty and hygiene that we, let's face it, we do not take home when leaving the hotel. As we take into account the results of the latest survey conducted by the leading hotel booking portal in the world that analyzes the holiday habits of more than 250,000 people from 25 countries around the world about their holiday habits in hotels, That plethora of attractive and irresistible ammenities will have to be something more from now on.

Forget about watching TV, surfing the Internet, boring the family by uploading photos of our vacations to social networks, reading or even sleeping is the favorite activity of Spaniards on vacation. According to this survey, what they like the Spanish tourists is having sex in a hotel room .

Spain is the only country of the 25 respondents whose tourists prefer to enjoy their time on vacation making love before watching TV. For 70% of Spaniards, making love is among their priorities when they are on vacation, although it follows very closely watching television or watching movies, chosen by 66% of respondents, while surfing the internet and reading Is the choice chosen by 44% and 43% of the Spanish respondents respectively. In Japan, for example, only 15% prefer to spend their time making love compared to 69% who prefer to watch TV.

But the surprising data revealed by this survey does not end here. It also says that 39% of respondents globally prefer to sleep naked when on vacation. The most French, followed by British and Norwegian. Spaniards are still very traditional and most continue to sleep in pajamas, the favorite sleeping garment for 59% of people, although other increasingly popular options are sleeping in underwear 23% or even naked 12%. Our neighbors the French are, without a doubt, the kings of the naked, since 51% of voters prefer to sleep without clothes. They are followed by the Norwegians and English, with 24% of the votes of both nationalities and the Swiss with 20%.

Science and recent studies show that sleep without clothes , alone or accompanied and for both women and men, has obvious benefits . Helps prevent the growth of excess yeast and bacteria. In fact, the environments that have more warmth cause the bacteria to multiply and therefore the risk of bacterial infections increases. It causes the body to be ventilated and fresh and therefore to sleep better. In addition, the body can move freely and rest better. It is true that along with our naked partner, skin-to-skin contact increases desire, through a hormone called oxytocin. Finally, sleeping naked reduces stress levels and consequently anxiety.

In anxious states, we often want to eat all the time and in excess. When we sleep badly, we wake up more anxious and it is possible that we eat a lot, without looking at the increase of calories